It’s been a while


I know we have not been very communicative since I started school. I am being pressed on every side it seems. This is a good thing. I am not sure what season with the Lord you are in, but I believe I am in winter. The life has gone to the roots to prepare them for more growth in my life. Every once in a while, I see glimpses of what God is doing. Just like when the snow covers the ground, it is hard to know what is happening deep in the earth. Whatever happens we see it when spring comes. The earth seems to know just when to release the seeds that need to be birthed forth for our enjoyment. I am not discouraged nor am I encouraged. I am experiencing Him in a new way. A way I have not been before. The struggles are real, but here is what I know: 1. God is good 2. God is good no matter the circumstance. I hope this encourages you. The bed and breakfast is just about ready for YOU: those who need a place to get away. Let us know when you would like to make reservations. Blessings to you.


Autumn’s Water Reflection

There’s a reflection in the water that I had not seen before. If I were to look from the water to the scenery, what would my eyes really see? The brilliant colors of autumn looked marred somehow when looking at the water’s reflection and yet they call your attention to them, as they seem to sway with the beat of the movement of water. The steeple of the church beacons a second look as it stands out against the brilliant color scheme. The red of the tree seems to set the tree ablaze like the “burning bush” Moses kneeled at. That ground was holy. The yellow cries out to remember the sunny times in life while the greens speak of life everlasting. There are some things that do not fade with the turning of seasons. Oranges, yellows, reds and green all call to be remembered in autumn. It’s a reminder that change is constant. The evergreens stand as sentinels in the background creating a wall to protect those who would enter to worship.

The turning of the leaves calls us to remember a season of rest is coming. A preparation must be made to ready for what will come next. Will we heed the call? Will we listen to what nature is telling us? Will we read it like a book from our Creator? Will we see the sign of the time? Will the reflection in the water give us a clearer understanding of what we must do or will it cloud our ability to truly understand what we need to do? Will its beauty be etched in our hearts and minds as a moment in time? Or will we just ignore it and wish it were something else? Stop and take this moment to reflect…..

Water Reflection in Autumn

Water Reflection in Autumn