It’s been a while


I know we have not been very communicative since I started school. I am being pressed on every side it seems. This is a good thing. I am not sure what season with the Lord you are in, but I believe I am in winter. The life has gone to the roots to prepare them for more growth in my life. Every once in a while, I see glimpses of what God is doing. Just like when the snow covers the ground, it is hard to know what is happening deep in the earth. Whatever happens we see it when spring comes. The earth seems to know just when to release the seeds that need to be birthed forth for our enjoyment. I am not discouraged nor am I encouraged. I am experiencing Him in a new way. A way I have not been before. The struggles are real, but here is what I know: 1. God is good 2. God is good no matter the circumstance. I hope this encourages you. The bed and breakfast is just about ready for YOU: those who need a place to get away. Let us know when you would like to make reservations. Blessings to you.


My First Day

“Elisha, it’s time to get up.” Daddy said as he rubbed his back. Rolling over and rubbing his eyes, he peeked at his daddy. At once he knew it was the first day of school! He jumped out of bed!

After breakfast, Elisha brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Daddy and Mommy walked him to the bus stop. It was at the end of his driveway. Butterflies were in his tummy. Elisha gave his best brave face. He was in a family hug when the bus came for him. He took a big breath and as the doors opened, he got on the bus. He took his seat and waved to Daddy and Mommy as they waved back. This was his first day of school and he was going to have fun.