Something to consider……

It has been a whirl wind of time since I last wrote. There has been so much to process. It is not an easy thing to self evaluate. Or to allow others to evaluate you. We as humans don’t really like to see the “bad” in ourselves. For the past several months, I have been doing some inward reflection. I have been seeking those things that are not pure in my own heart. I serve a faithful God. When I asked for Him to show me my heart, He revealed it in ways I could not fathom. Please understand, I am not interested in “naval” gazing. I am not looking for false realities in my life. I am however, looking to be a better me. My God has been faithful to doing just that.

We often wonder why things happen. We are learning that the Lord has a way of “bringing” up the things that don’t align with His character in our lives. They are not the pretty things either. They are those things that show us where we need to pay attention to: an attitude or an opinion. This does not mean that we should not suppress those emotions/feelings either. We need to look realistically at our lives.

This has been a journey that I can’t say that I have “enjoyed” so much as appreciated. There have been hard times. There have been times when I had to help others process and then process for myself. Yet through it all, the Lord has been good. I am not sure what others have been through. I can’t speak to the what you have been going through, I just know that we need to pay attention and ask questions. We need to ask the right questions. The ones that actually get us answers.

Many would call this transition. It is! It is not easy. But it is worth it. It is no respecter of persons. I want my choice to be pleasing to the One I serve. I desire to go through and come out better than when I went in. Some would call it a valley. Some would call it the desert. I call it God’s love for me. As I said, it has not been easy or enjoyable, but it has been worth it. Let me encourage you to begin to think differently when “bad” things or circumstances happen. Instead of your default, ask the Lord what He wants to reveal, then give it over to Him. After all He has your best interests at heart!


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