Garden Lessons

While outside today, my thoughts were rambling about gardening and business practices. So here are a couple of things that came to mind while weeding.

1. When planting a garden, make sure you plant the size you are capable of handling. Gardening takes work. Just like your job. It takes work. Because most of the work out there is performance based, we try to impress when we don’t have either the right tools or enough knowledge to perform. Most of us won’t even acknowledge that we either don’t have ability or it is more than we can handle thereby getting in over our heads. Ask for help if necessary!

2. Work with nature. Rain is a great necessity for plants. It also makes weeding easier. The soil is more workable. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. However, look for the rain. You know that unexpected something that comes along. It just could be that it is the very thing you need to complete that project.

3. Know those with whom you are working with. Have an understanding of those who are partnering with you. There is a community garden. Several families have committed to help work it. Sometimes life just steps in and those commitments aren’t kept. Know what your part is and what you are willing to do and not do. Don’t feel you have to do it “all”. Ask for help.

4. Bugs! They are every where. The question is what will you use to get rid of them? Organic? Pesticides? There will be things that “bug” you. Know how you will respond/deal to each situation.

5. Right tools. Need I say more? All I have is a hoe and what I need is a tiller! Big difference. When starting anything, make sure you have all the tools you will need. Whether it is education or training – get what you need. Be equipped.

6. Weeds! There are so many kinds! That’s right! You have runners and stand alone. You have tall, short, fat and skinny weeds! They take a lot of work! However, if you tend to them quickly, you won’t have much stress. Whatever weeds show up, ensure that you tend it quickly. Sometimes you can take care of it yourself, sometimes you will need that boss or co-worker to help you take care of them.

Hope this has been helpful. We are not islands to ourselves. We need one another. Let me know what you think. You may just help me “weed” out things that no longer belong in my garden!


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