Internet Blues

Where do I begin? It is interesting how technology has snuck in and taken over. I mean really. We are so used to having it now! Quick, easy. Only to find that when you don’t have it, you are stuck. That is how I have felt since our router went out. Yep. Ka-put. Nothing. Having to switch from one little knob to another. But you both can’t be on so……..

It has been frustrating, I must admit. I didn’t think that I was so “conditioned” to this internet thing. I mean, after all, I have an iPhone, right? Well, unless you can get wifi which comes from your house, that doesn’t cut it either. Unless you are just playing games, which I have been because nothing else was working. I have paired down to three. Not that I had that many, but everything got paired down. I had to be selective. What was really important on my phone?

Personally I don’t like typing on my phone. It just takes too long. Sorry, but that is just the way I am. I could speak into it, but then there is no punctuation and you have to add it otherwise you would have a long run-on sentence. (How English comes into play!!)

So for the last several weeks, I have not been able to communicate with those who are tied to their computers. Emails, Instagram, Pintrest, videos, Facebook, etc. I mean I can only say so much with the tiny key board that pops up! You know I didn’t think I had “fat fingers” but it seems that going for particular keys, well, I have deleted myself I can’t tell you how many times! It has been frustrating.

So the good news is we have a new router! Yep! I get to test drive it. See if it is going to work. At this point, there is 133 pages of reading that needs to be done in order to operate it. Hum……guess what I will be doing this evening!


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