Soil – What have you planted?

It has been a while since I have kept my goal of writing every month. So much has happened.

We went to New Jersey to visit our daughter and son-in-law for her graduation from college. We are very proud of her. On the way home we took the train. While on the train as I was just relaxing and hoping to catch a cat-nap, I thought about our garden and the work it takes to tend to it.

I have not had a garden for at least 14 or so years. We went from the country to the city back to the country. We live in a great place. We also have a very large community garden. I have been amazed at the soil. Red, rocky, brown, rich – I think the best type of soil. There is much to do to get the right type of soil to get plants to grow. Whether flowers or vegetables – there is a lot to consider.

Near the end of the plot is where we decided to plant the herbs. It is very rocky there. It has been tilled countless times. Rocks/stones removed and yet there still seems to be more.

There is a parable about soil in the Bible. Four types actually. It even talks about stony soil. Seeds thrown in among them. Not sure why I thought about this except for the work I and others have been doing to get it ready to receive the seeds.

So here is a conclusion, not “THE” conclusion, but “A” conclusion I have come to: with love and care even the “worst” or “toughest” soil can receive seed and even produce.

There can be a change in the soil’s reception of the seed. It takes work. Constant tending. Cultivating a willingness to become something other than what it has been.

So I guess the question is: What type of soil are you? Who has been tending your garden? Are you willing to allow someone with more skill to come and help you tend your garden? What type of produce do you desire to see in your life? What have you planted? Will it yield good or negative in your life?


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