Not sure where this rambling will take either you or me. Thank you for coming along for the ride. My world has been shaking as much as the present earthquake shook Nepal. If can be shaken, it has. Unlike the real thing, I am not finding much rubble which could be a good thing. Right? It is not easy being a warrior. It is hard. It is bloody. It is rewarding. It is sacrificial. It is who I am. It is a joy to do it. But….there are times when I get very tired. I know to whom I have believed and I know I have the victory. But let me be real. I hurt – just like everyone else. I am not trying to be a “super” anything. Just me in Him. Overcoming through Him. My emotions could not be more raw in this moment. I check my heart and feelings daily these days to ensure there is no offense or even bitterness creeping in. I want a pure heart. A servant’s heart. A warrior’s heart. It comes through pressure – life. It is such a bloody mess! But you are worth it. Every instance. Every pain. Every day.



One thought on “A WARRIOR’S HEART BEAT

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