Taking the first step

Well, I have taken the plunge. Yep, that is correct! I am walking! Nothing new there, I walk on a somewhat regular basis. However, I was presented with a walking opportunity in which I have asked others to join me. So now I am asking you. Can I tell you a story? Great!  About 6 years ago, my 5th grand child was being born. Every one is excited when that happens! What we didn’t realize was that he was early. Being early he had to go into NICU for help. That was a very new experience for me and my daughter in law and son. Needless to say 6 years later, Micah is doing well.

Back to the walking part… there is an organization that I didn’t know much about until about two weeks ago. March of Dimes. I started learning about this organization. They have a March for Babies on April 26. I will be there. That said I am raising $250 as my goal. Small to start with I realize, but I believe that I will receive that and more ~ with your help! I am learning that I am NOT an island. Asking for help is a humbling experience for me. Why, because like many people, people have let me down. However, that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to YOU. No amount is too small.

You can donate at: http://www.marchforbabies.org/cathemyers

I thank you in advance for your generosity. If you would like to be a part of my team, I would love to have you. You can sign up at the same link. For the moms and children of premies – we say thank you! IMG_0271


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