Today, my oldest turned 32 years old. A day of reflection and rejoicing. Many times we try to figure out how that happened. Like, wasn’t I just 20-something? As the years have progressed and that is what they have done, I find my self looking at my hands, my face, all over! I look back at pictures of me when I was just 20. I don’t have to ask what happened nor am I discouraged at how I look at my present age. I have just had to re-evaluate some thought processes.  With this has been the care of my in-laws. So, I am thinking how well will I prepare my children for when I possibly get to the age where they may need to care for me. There are few things that I desire to accomplish with my life. Don’t misunderstand, there is still travel I would like to do. There are still small goals to achieve. There is still life to live to the fullest. My fullest though may not be your fullest. I am learning more and more that people are more important than things. Cherishing the time I get with others is top of the list. Face Timing with children and grandchildren is priceless. I am so proud of all of my children and grandchildren. Even the “daughters” we have adopted. Some would say that I am fortunate and I am. Some would say I was lucky…okay. However, I would say that I am a woman most blessed and still looking good!

The Oldest

The Oldest


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