Feeling “Accomplished”!

Did you ever have the “accomplished” feeling? You know what I mean – the list is done, you set some goals and you achieved them or you finally got to go where you wanted to go for vacation! Feeling accomplished. The word means “to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish; to complete; to provide polish to” to name a few definitions for the verb use of the word.

I tried my hand at a few “creative” pieces for this holiday season and I feel “accomplished”! Experts in this field would probably give me the “I think you need help” look, but hey it has been a while. A lot of what I picture in my mind very rarely looks what I imagine it will be like when I actually set to work it out in reality.

For instance, I do not have the gift to paint or draw. Oh how I would love to have that talent! There is so much I would want to paint! The sky, the clouds, the birds, the dog, the butterfly, the river, the rocks … on and on I could go, but you get the meaning! I am not that “crafty” either. Oh, I work at it, but not so much!

There may be a several things that I am not good at mainly because I haven’t used that talent in a while. I have to dust off some things to get me motivated again.

While it may not look pretty, I feel good that at least I am using my time wisely but also finding out what I am able to do with what I have.

In a previous blog, I wrote about what would not be under our tree. My daughter came home and asked if we could patch some horse blankets. I said sure. So I went to my “cloth” bins. As I started looking for the right type of fabric, lo and behold! What did my wondering eyes see…stuff to make simple gifts from! Talk about provision! I had totally forgotten that I had this stuff!

So the next few days while everyone is hustling to get that last minute gift, I am going to feel “accomplished” as I sit at the sewing machine and work a little happiness into my soul with hand made gifts.

Merry Christmas!


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