What can I say….needed to “rant”

So, I just thought I would “rant”. I just looked up the word and I think this is what I want to do….bear with me.

So the first one I want to “rant” about is vocabulary. My daughter gets the books where you can do many different kinds of crosswords, puzzles, search words, etc. You know the types. Well, I have a confession to make. I need your forgiveness to start. I cheat! Yep, for those of you who know me this may come as a surprise. I have no excuses. I have been analyzing my motive for this defect. I have come to the realization that I do not have a wide range of vocabulary. There are these long words (50 cent words) that if I had learned them, I have not used them so I feel inadequate to understand them. Many of them I have to look up to see what they mean. Several times I have begun to relearn the meanings of words. The reason I am even bringing this up is because good friends of mine have opened a deli in our area. They are a couple of integrity. There were a group of people who sat outside one evening. As I was serving them, I commented on the fact that they had great weather to sit outside! One person commented on the fact that they couldn’t “cuss” inside. I was surprised by the response. I was speechless. As I thought about the person (whom I did not know) and the comment, I made a few observations. 1. This person was dressed business casual (why would he want to use ignorant language?) 2. Asian decent (nothing about this, just observation.) 3. Aren’t there better words in the vocabulary to describe what one feels than cussing?

Next “rant”. Children. I love mine. I would do almost anything for them. However, here lately, I have another confession. I had made them an idol. I know no one else has done that. As I have repented of my sin, the Lord reminded me that I needed to lay all down and follow Him. I have to trust Him with them and their decisions/choices. I have to move forward so that I can do as He has asked. It is very exciting to see what He will do in me. But I also know that as I lay them down, He will lift them up. He will accomplish His plans and purposes in me and them.

Third, technology. It’s great, sort of. Some have a concern about losing the “personal” part of life. A friend of mine has a radio spot called “The Microwave Moment”. That is what we have now. It seems that the younger generation is being trained to not think for themselves or develop fully because of what is available. (Again, I do know that technology is great for what it is.)

Fourth, the weather. Who really believes that complaining will make it either better or worse? This winter season has been long for our area and even longer for the north. Spring hasn’t even been normal. However, as I have tried to pay attention to this (yes, one should pay attention when things happen.) I can see the benefit of the change in weather.

Finally, (thought it was long enough…) Love! God’s love is for everyone. As I have sought forgiveness from the One in whom my heart desires above all else, His love has overwhelmed me. Because of what He did on the cross, He did for you. He loves you! And I love you. He is calling you to Himself. It will be a commitment of faith. If you are looking for a miracle, salvation is the greatest miracle you could have.


3 thoughts on “What can I say….needed to “rant”

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  2. Hi Momma,
    I validate your rant! I will reply to each note.
    a) Many people are forced to use the keyword section of crossword puzzles because of the level of complexity of the words. That is why it is listed in the back. I think as long as your’e not waving it around and bragging that you did it all by yourself 🙂 you should not worry and simply have fun. Many of mybfolks use it to expand their vocabulary.
    b) This individual who feels they had to sit outside to avoid cussing inside is at least recognizing and making the attempt to respect the owners wishes. In a perfect world you and I both agree this should be common since not to resort to the additction of using terrible adjetives along with words but unfortunately unless they have spent each morning with the Father enough that the behavior no longer becomes a temptation they will continue to struggle. I too confess and repent that I struggle with foul language when I am angry. I have been practicing getting with the Father again and surrendering my tongue for healing and deliverance and so far I havent slipped. What we need to pray hard for are the individuals who come in announcing their freedom of speech and purposely using the language in front of families or those that it may be a stumbling block for.
    c) I too struggle with idolizing my children even at their young age. I sometimes find my mind drifting at work to think about how their doing and if I am really doing the best I could be for them. I also think about Jeremiah this way wanting to make sure Im really supporting him better. I believe there is a good reason they are our ministry. I agree seeking God first though does allow room for everything else to line up.
    d)Even I find myself challenged with new technology. It really does bother me walking into a market and no one under the age of 30 is really watching where they are going because of text or cell. I do love the connvenience of it myself and must remove the lig in my own eye regarding it but I am now learning that there is a time and place for it. Its easy to get sucked it but whenever I am on more than 15 min my Bible appYou Version lets me know. I am reminded that time can be better apent with Him praying.
    e) I believe there ate no surpises for God. Its only me that needs to listen for His direction. For example, I didnt wait for him to plant flowers in pots and we had a freeze and the flowers died. I believe scripture said there will come a time when we will not be able to discern the seasons. I am still grateful for the time we have here enjoying the weatherhe gave us and I am even more grateful my well wont go dry!
    f) I love reading your posts. You are such an inspiration for me. Your humility and ability to remain a Godly woman despite earthly fleshly challenges. I love you and I am so honored you are my Momma. Thank you for writing. I will pray for your days to be blessed and joy to reflect in your heart. God bless you!

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