Mountain view kind of day

Saturday was a glorious day. Spent it walking along mountain trails. The day as warmer than usual. Blue skies were seen over head. I have always loved how the sun tries to peek into the forest of trees. The walk was a leisurely one. There was no need to hurry, had the whole day. Didn’t think we would take the whole day, but we did. I have found that when in the mountains, everything takes on a somewhat slower pace. You just can’t hurry things up there. Several houses dotted the side of the mountain. We only spoke to one gentleman while we were walking. As we walked, I began to wonder about what kind of history this mountain could tell. Indians, the Civil War, hotels, people trying to get away from the city. Cars had some trouble traversing the side of the mountain, but what of the horses and carriages that once traversed that region. Springs of cold mountain water running in and over the ground. What types of people visited such places? What type of dress did they have? At the end of the day, we had a tailgate party at a chicken place. That was fun as I haven’t done something like that in a long while. There is something serene and peaceful about the mountains. Can’t wait to go back!



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