To Facebook or Not to Facebook? Questions?

Well, the new year is already 33 days into it. For the first 40 I have been “fasting” Facebook. I know some of you may be wondering why I would do such a thing. Well, I will tell you. It was becoming an obsession. I like to think that I live simply. Though I value technology, I can get caught up in things that take up time where I should be doing other things. Most everyone is on Facebook. Most everyone would agree that it can supply some good thought provoking conversations, but most of the time you are not really connecting with people and you play games just to relax. If I were to be perfectly honest, I haven’t really missed it. (My “fasting ends on February 10th.) What I thought was interesting was that a friend of mine who is on there as well didn’t even think to ask why she hadn’t seen or heard from me on Facebook for the last 33 days. Another person did tell me they missed the interesting posts I made, but understood the need to get off. I was just going to set something up for the future of my posts/blogs and I have forgotten my password! I will have to create a new one which, may not be a bad idea with all of the hacking going on. I will say that I have decided to go through my list of “friends” and decide who I will continue to have “relationship” with and who I will not. I find it sad that most of the people who I have “friended”; we don’t really “talk”, “share” or “communicate”. Others, I have great conversations with. But until that time, I get to write more of what is on my mind. I enjoy communicating through the written word. It helps me lay everything out so that I can see it more clearly. I have an interest in what others may think about my opinion. Thanks for listening, um, reading!


4 thoughts on “To Facebook or Not to Facebook? Questions?

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  2. Just wanted to say love you Momma! I miss our walk in the morning. As soon as our vehicle gets repair I’m planning to meet up with you again soon. I did post homeschooling events and I’ll admit stumbling upon this allowed me to strengthen my guard too. Since being home I too have discovered giving myself the excuse that it’s a form of ministry but I am realizing quickly how time investing it can be and addicting. Especially since Bill Johnson, Tim Hawkins and so much going on with Bill Osbourn. Thank you for confirming its time to guard my heart in this too. I love you and Poppa so much and I could never stop telling you how grateful I am that we met. I guess eventually we would have had to with marrage and all..hehheh anyways I hope you get what I mean. Thank you.

  3. I think it is very tough to maintain a balance but I also think that unless we engage in the new technology that you grow old and out of touch with the younger generation and where society has gone and IS going. The digital world and the internet have changed SOOOO many things and not always for the better in my opinion. On the other hand to deliberately disengage from where the world is today leaves one antiquated and irrelevant. AND as much as I might disagree with much of what I might see or read…. it also opens my eyes, and hopefully my mind, to the reality of what is out there.

    The news business is different, the music business is different, the publication business is different… the whole retail world is rapidly changing as an obvious result of digital evolution. Some businesses will not survive, at least certainly not as we know them now. Thousands of people brutally die at the hands of dictators, others die as a result of natural catastrophes while we worry about what’s for dinner. It has always been that way and will likely always be that way. We always have ranted against those different than ourselves and we continue to do so.

    You can, and you do, make a difference in your world. I am very proud of what you do.


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