Admiration: what will it take?

Has there ever been someone you admired? I am not talking “girlfriend/boyfriend” type admiration, but some one who has made a difference in the lives of others. We have history books full of people who were instrumental in forming our country. We have or had encyclopedias full of information on men, women, even children who made a difference. But what about those who make a “silent” difference? Those that the news media would find “unworthy” to write about. Oh, I know, during the holidays everyone wants to have a feel good story. But what about the rest of the year? I remember having an English teacher I admired. She always came up with ways to make the subject interesting so that we would “want” to do the homework. My father was someone I admired. He was in the Army, at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, but what I admired about him most was that he was always involved in our lives. When we moved to a small town in upstate New York, there was no Little League for the boys (girls were allowed in a short time later) and he spoke with several of the towns people to see what could be done about getting one established. Today, anyone can participate in the sport. 

What about parents whose child is not “normal”? The strength it takes to fight for their rights or needs when no one else will speak for them. What about single moms or single dads? 

People who make a difference, most of the time do not get recognized. They are the ones on the street you pass by. They are sometimes the ones struggling when no one knows what is going on. 

If you happen to see someone you think might need an encouraging word or just a pat on the back and told they are doing a good job, then you just became their hero.


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