A Good Book to Read

 Today, my grandson has turned 5. I am so proud of him. He has had to overcome some challenges. He told me today that he could spell his name and he did it with no hesitation or problem. He can count to 10. He is going to color me a picture to put on my refrigerator. I remember when my children were growing up. There were definitely challenges in their comprehension in reading. Most of our children were slow readers. At the time they were growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of looking online for advice about what I could do to help my children along. Thankfully, I had a mother-in-law who was a teacher. I had friends who were educators as well. From them I gleaned information that I can read about now. In our society of technology as wonderful as it is, I am thankful I had people to converse with. To share my concerns with and to have the support to try new things. One thing I did was to read to our children at night. The TV didn’t come on and there was no electronic devices to keep them from being otherwise occupied. We journeyed together through The Arabian Nights, Uncle Arthur’s Devotional Stories, Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Dinosaurs. We followed Jo of Little Women. We boarded pirate ships and set sail to find the sunken treasure. We fell in love with Clifford, the Big Red Dog and Morris the Moose. I would have them read to me as well. Sometimes it was a struggle, but they made it through. We would act out the stories as we read them. Our living room was transformed into King Arthur’s court, a fort to which the Indians couldn’t get in or a tree fort where you had to know the secret password. 

Some would say that I am old-fashioned. These are the memories I carry in my heart.  My grandchildren enjoy when I read to them even if it is over the internet. You see they live a distance away from me. I have even thought of recording some of the stories and sending them it so they can hear my voice and play it just before bed time so we can go on an adventure together. That would be lovely. 

I have wished my grandson a Happy Birthday and asked his mom to give him hugs for us. Now it is time to read with my better half. Can’t wait to see what adventure we will be having as we delve into another good book. 


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