Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. My daughter gave me one for Christmas this past year. It is 500 pieces. There are some for beginners ages 3+. There are ones that are 1000 pieces.
I don’t believe there is any “right” way to put them together. I start looking for the outside pieces and then for matching colors or designs or patterns. It is January 1, 2014 and these thoughts seemed to be rolling around in my head. As I think about the variety of puzzles that I have put together over the years, I see how my life has been like many of the ones I have put together.
For instance, the friends we have encountered over the years. They have come in all shapes and sizes. When we started having children, our friends were having children. When we moved, we found friends whose children were a little older or the same age as ours. We also formed friendships with couples whose children were grown. As our children were becoming teenagers we found couples whose children were just turning into young adults. As our children were becoming young adults we found friends who were grandparents. As we were becoming grandparents, we found friends who were just becoming empty nesters. As we were becoming empty nesters, we found young adults having children and teenagers who needed a second opinion and adults at the same stage of life that we are.
Puzzles, have you ever put a round one together or one in the shape of our nation? How about one that has multiple colored hot air balloons on them or ones that depict life in “the good ole days”?
I sometimes feel like the puzzle I am presently putting together. There are areas in my life that are complete, where I can see the picture. There are areas where there are still things missing or the pieces haven’t fallen into place yet.
We have all heard that life is a journey. Unlike a puzzle, we don’t always see the picture or if we have a picture, our life hasn’t quite turned out like we would have thought. And yet, lessons we have learned over the years, those who have influenced us and those we have influenced help to make up the picture of our lives.
Some one once said that the most important inscription on a tombstone is the “dash”. We know when the person was born and when they passed, but what did the “dash” mean to them? Did they get to finish their “puzzle” of life? Were there things still missing? Relationships un-formed or in need of repair?
The puzzle my daughter gave me is about baking. I do like to bake. The funny part is I like to bake, but I can’t partake of those goodies any more. But that won’t stop me from baking and giving that part of myself to others. I will still look for “pieces” that will fit into another’s life that only I can be a part of. I have not made resolutions for 2014. I think I will just see what is provided in putting this year’s puzzle together for me. Happy New Year!

Puzzle Me This

Puzzle Me This


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