Change: it’s a six letter word

Change: ever constant, never ending. I don’t know too many people who enjoy or look forward to change. In fact, most people fight against it. But it still comes. Unwanted, unwelcome, misunderstood. Yet, it still comes. Our latest change is with my husband’s parents. It is difficult to see your parents change. Their difficulty is how did age catch up with them and now are not able to do much but sleep and watch TV and go to doctor’s visits to keep them living. Our difficulty is watching them be the parents who were strong and knowledgeable to us being the adult and knowing that they still see us as little, not able to take care of them, watching them act as if they are five and wanting complete control when everything in their bodies fights against it. Or having children grow up and releasing them to adulthood and giving them to someone else. Change: comes with seasons and life. Change comes with your permission or without it. Change comes like the tide of the ocean. Do we give in and accept or do we fight? Both are answers depending on your makeup, personality, upbringing, environment ~ everything that makes you – you. Our next step is to look at extra care for them. How do we let them know that they aren’t able to live life like they had hoped. Options? Yes there are, but they may not like them. Change: it will come…will you be ready?Image


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