Am I the only one? I thought I was doing great by doing some exercising at home! Pat me on the back! Until Bootcamp comes along and then I feel/look VERY uncordinated! Really! I am not comparing my self to the younger kids cuz when I was their age ~ I could out do the “older” folks (with all due respect) but NOW I am in that category. I don’t mind that so much as here I thought I was doing really …well – uncordinated but okay. Being uncordindated is like really being out of sinc with things. Like my body – it thinks I am torturing it (sometimes it feels that way) or not getting the right nutrition to fuel the workout. What about our spiritual lives? Are we willing to allow the Lord to show us where we are out of sinc with Him? When we allow Him to re-align us, it doesn’t feel good! But like the work out, we start to get back in sinc with everything. Our body responds to the workout just as our spirit and our soul respond to the working of the Lord. So who’s with me? Which one you ask? Why both!

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