School of learning

I learned some things while away this past week. Some nuggets the Lord impressed upon me, so I thought I would pass them along. The first thing I learned was about pressing in to the presence of the Lord where there seems not to be His presence. I love going home. Spiritually speaking, it is a dry place.  There are religions, but not much for relationship which aides the spiritual climate of a place. As I walked around the track (getting my 1 mile in) I decided to press into the Lord. I was determined to find Him even there and make my petitions known for my family and friends. I even asked for no rain (which He provided). I realized that my position had to be one of seeking after Him with everything I had. I was determined to find Him even in a dry place. I tried to be attentive to what He was doing or wanted to do there. I know that Jesus had a hard time where He was brought up as well. People knew Him and yet didn’t know Him. While talking to one of my classmates, it came up about an aspect of my military career. It’s not something I talk about because my life is not my own now, I belong to a King. So, lesson number 1: Look for where the Spirit of God is moving and move with Him. 

My husband has been adamant about taking our own supplies when we travel. Now I fully understand about when we go to stay at hotels or other’s home (who are not family) but with family there is an expectation to use their stuff ~ they are family! Well, as I was talking to the Lord about this, He spoke to me and said “I have children this way. I have made provision, but in stead of trusting in my care or that I will provide, they bring their own stuff.” What a revelation, especially since I checked under the bathroom sink and there was an abundance of shampoo, toilet paper, soap ~ just to name of few. So, even if we had run out, there was still plenty. 

Lesson number 2: I serve a big God. He supply is a whole lot better than what I could manage on my own and He has a lot more! Trust Him with everything!Image



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