Happy Birthday to you

Kids are a wonderful asset to any family. I know everyone has an opinion, but they truly are a wonderful gift. Grand children are just as cute, fun and energetic.

This past weekend, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with a couple of parties. On Friday evening it was mostly family. We had not seen our youngest son’s family in a while. The boys were very excited to see us. The oldest asked why we had not seen them, while the younger said “Who are you again?” (He knew who we were!)

The children were playing with the toys while the adults caught up on items of interest. The evening progressed nicely and it was time to bring out the cake. My son said that I had gotten the right size portion for him and where was everyone else’s piece of cake. His middle son asked if it was time to have cake. I told him that he could not have cake until we had sung “Happy Birthday” to Poppa. Where by he promptly started singing “Happy Birthday to you.” His father stopped him and said that Poppa was not even in the room. That got everyone chuckling. So he started calling for Poppa to come and have cake. Poppa did show up and we let him lead us once again in singing “Happy Birthday”.



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