Personification ~ from a dog’s perspective

Many years ago, I started to learn how to write. I wanted to write children’s books. So, I took a class. At the time, I was a stay at home Mom with four (4) children. When I started the class, I thought that I would finish it. I didn’t. However, I did learn about personification. It is giving human characteristics to animals. My story then was about our cat and dog having conversations. We no longer have those pets. Now we have Angel.

Over this past weekend, we had several parties to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Our best friends from Delaware came for a visit and brought their dogs.

My daughter and I took all of the dogs out on Sunday to do their morning devotions. On the way back toward the house my daughter and I noticed two cats that looked like they were sizing each other up. Of course, all three dogs noticed them as well. Angel was the first to lead the charge toward the cats! (For you cat lovers, we do not allow Angel to “catch” or hurt cats or any other animal.)

If I were to put in to speech what was going on, it would have sounded something like this:

Angel: Cats! They are not allowed on my property!

Cats: Buzz off, no one invited you to this show!

Charity: I’ve got your back Angel!

Muffin: What did you say these things were? And why are we barking at them?

Angel: I am warning you, leave now!

Big Cat: Not worth it. See ya!

Small Cat: What are you looking at?

Angel: I said Move!

Charity: Just say the word and that cat is history!

Muffin: Again why are we running and what is this thing?

There appeared to be a stand off, so I walked toward the smaller cat hoping to scare it away. However, that just gave Angel courage to move even closer. (Again, I didn’t let her get the cat!) The cat decided to run. All three dogs were in the chase. Fortunately, two of the dogs were on leashes and Angel obeys very well. The funniest part of the tale was that they turned their attention toward the direction of the bigger cat and started to look for him pulling us behind!


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