Have you ever………?

Have you ever stood out? Whether you meant to or not you did? How did you feel? Did people look at you strangely? Did you care? When I was younger, I didn’t like to try new things let alone to stand out. I didn’t consider myself a “pioneer” of anything. Never saw myself as a leader. However, as I have traversed through life, there have been many firsts. First woman to be stationed in a Navy Squadron. Stayed married to the same man for 32 years in my immediate family (other than my parents). Had more children than parents or siblings. First person in immediate family to go from religion to relationship with Christ. We have traversed many types of churches in the past years and every 7 years, we are moved out of our comfort zone and “work” into something new. We have once again moved. I didn’t want to be “noticed”, however, the first song of the service had me dancing in a relatively quiet church service (although it is their contemporary service). Yep, there I was, dancing and rejoicing over what Christ did for me in a church that is now not sure what to do with me! Well, I simply can’t help being who I am. I enjoy dancing in church! I try to be “good”, really I do, but when joy hits me I just have to let it out! There are some who are glad to see our worship while others just aren’t sure. I have decided to be just who I am. Excited about life. Excited about Christ and His work in me. Excited to be all I am called to be. Not worried what others may think. There is only one I desire to please. So, if you happen to be at a service or out in the market place and you see someone rejoicing over seemingly nothing…it just might be me. I would be honored to bless you! Because I am so blessed, that I can’t help but pass it along. Image


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