Weekend Work

This has been a weekend! What was so great about this weekend was the it was pretty much spontaneous! You have to know that my husband and I are planners. You should see my calendar book! I have his work, my work, our lives, our children’s lives (even though they are out of the house) and church activities in one calendar. Thank goodness there is more than just blocks in my calendar because I would have no room for everything that I put in my calendar. Of course, that means that anything that should have gotten done was pushed to a back burner or will have to be put on another day. That is not so bad especially when you are with people you haven’t connected with for a while. So for the last two days, our schedule has been impromptu. Now what that means is that I have to fit what should have been done in another small slot on the calendar. But it’s okay, because the weather is finally co-operating at least a little.I am happy that I took some unscheduled time to reconnect and meet new people. Since it was out of the ordinary, it was actually refreshing, busy, but refreshing. So before tomorrow comes and I am back in the calendar…..wait ~ tea time and a movie! Why spoil a good thing?Image


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