Forget-me-not Moments

I always stand in awe of this time of year. Winter doesn’t seem to want to give up to Spring. You know how it goes. It is still cold, some states still see snow or rain but not the sunshine. The calendar says it is supposed to be Spring, but it hasn’t quite sprung yet. I was picking up my husband today from work and had brought the dog. I usually will let her roam because she has been trained to stay close. She was checking out “the newspaper” when I realized she had hung around the forget-me-not section. The grass seemed to be really green and the clover had sprung up over night. The forget-me-not was right there in the midst of it all. I also noticed the small white forget-me-not as well as a wild violet. It is amazing to me that we see the big things, but forget to look for the smaller things I call blessings in life. I know that with Winter behind us, everyone is glad for the Spring and before we know it, Summer will be staring us in the face. They say “April showers bring May flowers” and for some they will tire of the rain or what ever weather interrupts their life style. Why is it that we are always looking ahead (not a bad thing) when sometimes we need to walk in step with where we are. So, where ever you are living, in this moment, take a good look outside to see the vibrant colors that have come because Winter lasted a little longer or the rain just kept coming. All too quickly it will pass and you will not have captured a moment that was meant just for you. Blessings…..

(This was written 3 years ago)



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