The choice of another

It’s been a while since I have had an opportunity to lay out some thoughts. I am truly taking a day to rest. Not too much housework to do and getting laundry done early. We were on vacation this past week and spent some times with friends. Had a wonderful time with them. However, an incident happened which I didn’t know about until late in the week. Early on, some choices were made that didn’t register to me. Later in the week, however, things seemed to have changed. When I was informed, I had this sinking feeling that our friendship had changed. I am not sure of the long term outcome, but short term things were strained. Sometimes it is difficult to know the results of our choices or the choices of others when you are involved. I am still processing my feelings. I am even evaluating the strength of the friendship. Forgiveness is easy to give, not so easy to walk out. Especially if you are on the receiving end. The questions could go on and on and on…….but in the end only time will tell. 


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