Moving forward

Well, this weekend is a time to move forward in what we believe is a 3 step process for our lives. I am not sure what everything is going to look like because I have not been here or there before. I just know that I am trusting and following. Trust means 1) firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  I am fully trusting that my husband has heard from the Lord our new direction. I am trusting that the Lord has this plan in mind and that we are ready to accomplish what He has placed in our hearts. 

Follow means 1) go or come after. We are going after the dream set in our hearts. Do we know what it looks like? No.  We have been writing the vision down. We have some feel for what it will look like, but not really sure because as with anything, it will not look like what we thought it would here at the beginning of this journey. 

There is a certain freedom and anticipation in this journey. It’s like everything that we have gone through is preparing us for this next journey. We must travel this journey alone. We leave dear friends behind. We may even leave family behind. Sometimes the road we have to travel is not for others but we intersect at certain points then we continue to travel alone (with the Lord). There are landmarks along the way. I will look confidently for those marks. There is freedom in this path. Image


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