To Be or Not To Be….that is the question?

In our society today there is much confusion about who we are. Who are we to follow, what do we believe, should I get that education, will there be a job for me, or will there be social security when I get there? So many concerns pulling at us. So many others trying to influence us….. Did we really hear? Are you sure about that or this? In an age where technology is so prevalent, why can’t they come up with a simple app that can point us in the right direction. But human nature and life is much more complex than an app. There is a lot to take into consideration. Your feelings, their feelings, your desires, their desires… Each day brings us more in tune with who we are and where are we heading. Right decisions, wrong decisions = consequences that not only impact you, but those around you. So, I will ask again to be myself or not to be myself? That is a question that only I can answer….the results will reflect a heart submitted to the Highest Authority.


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