SNOW! (Finally!)

Snow has fallen. There are many opinions about the cold weather. Some like it. Some don’t. I happen to like it. One, I grew up in the North – Vermont and New York (upstate that is). I have lived in the mid-south (Virginia) for longer than I did up north. There has been a lot of grumbling about the snow. People get weird when they are driving. Irresponsible driving. I have to keep reminding myself not to break hard…but pretend there is an egg under the pedal. When it falls, it cleanses the air. There is something about the white covering the ground. One doesn’t see the dead grass or the blemishes of a thirsty ground. There is something about falling snow that makes me fell like a kid again. (Oh, what happened to the hill to go sliding down?) Hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, Christmas again, snow angels, snow ball fights (even if they are brought into the house, well my husband’s man cave) and many other memories that come flooding in when I see snow. Wishing there were mountains behind my home again (course that won’t happen in the city!). Oh, SNOW! It finally fell…won’t last long, but it is here and I am happy!Image


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