Rest…..for the weary…..

It started Sunday…I am not one to get sick very often. However, it had been very cold and then turned warm…(a heat wave of 70 degrees from the 40’s and 50’s we were having). I thought I had kept myself well wrapped, but apparently not wrapped well enough. I started coughing and getting congested. Took an over the counter decongestant, however, by Monday, was no better. Splitting headache, achy body, etc. Hubby wanted me to stay home, but had an appointment I couldn’t cancel. Promised after the appointment, I would come home and rest….Called the doctor for a Tuesday appointment to get meds for whatever this thing was that was making me miserable. Temperature was up and feeling really lousy…(I do not make a good patient). Went to doc, had the flu test, tested negative, however, as she said, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s the flu! So I got the medication and was put straight to bed. I have been here ever since. It is day 4. Now here is my confession…I don’t do sick well! I don’t like to be doing nothing… staying busy is my life style. I have enlisted the prayers of friends for I believe in prayer, I have stayed as hydrated as I can (getting exercise running to the restroom) and sleeping. Didn’t know I was so tired! Having others wait on me is difficult, but here I am….receiving back what I have given to others…..Rest…..simple four letter word, but not so easy to do…..I want to be better NOW, not later……..Meaning: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. This is what I am doing….albeit not so easily….my plan, to stay in this place of rest until Sunday….Believing that the Lord has heard not just my prayers, but the prayers of the saints who have warred on my behalf. Coming to a better understanding of refreshing myself in His love and the love of others. Recovering strength to be there for others, but setting new boundaries for myself and pace what ever may lie ahead. I am grateful for family and friends and the care they give to me. Rest…..time to reflect…..Image


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