New Year

We are now in a new year. I was speaking to my neighbor and said “Happy New Year”! She replied “Why do people do that?” I was curious as to why she reacted that way. She said that at her work, her co-workers were wondering if she was going to be nice in this new year? She replied that she wasn’t going to be any different then the day before. When I looked at it from her point of view, I felt she had a good point. It’s kind of like birthdays, yes you are a year older, but you are the same person that they just talked to the day before. Beginnings and endings are good times for reflections. But what are we reflecting on? We talk about goal setting. We talk about resolutions, but do we really keep them? What if you are not a detailed person? What if you are the type of person who sets a far reaching goal, but not the steps in between to get there? What if……  This is a year of transition for my husband and myself. Not really sure what it will look like or how it will turn out by the end of this year. All I know is that we will make this journey together covered in lots of prayer and trusting we have the Lord’s leading each step of the way. Happy New Year.


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