Washing machine

It amazes me how dependent we are on technology. Our very old (about 20 years) washing machine finally died. My husband looked to see if it would be an easy fix. It’s not. So, my computer/Craig list savy daughter went on line to see if we could possibly procure a slightly new one. What amazes me is that the asking price for the slightly used one was the same price for the very small unit to replace to make it work again. Or to even buy a new one. So, today I did something I haven’t done in a long time, I went to a laundry mat and did our clothes. I have to admit that my attitude was not the most amiable. However, having time to myself for a little while, I was able to reflect on several things as we near the end of the year. So, until we are able to get a new machine, I will enjoy doing hand washing and air drying. I will welcome the new year with joy and puckered hands if necessary!


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