Friday Evening

I have been thinking lately of how I used to spend my Friday evenings compared to how I spend them now. When the children were home, it was movie night with popcorn or candy or something to munch on. As they started to go to high school, it was a play or a game depending on who was involved in what. Other than emergencies that take us away from the house, I find that I am not as productive as I once was. While watching those movies, I was crafting something…an ornament, a logo for in-laws or making new stockings to hang on the fireplace. Now I just watch movies and sometimes play a game on the computer just to vegatate. However, this Friday evening we are going to celebrate a friend’s birthday, go pick up a truck so we can get a new bedroom suite (finally) for our daughter who has been waiting FOREVER for this. What a surprise it will be. She is out of town till Monday and we can put a big bow on it and SURPRISE… what am I saying???? I am re-evaluating some things as I come to the end of another year. Reflections…..


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