Tis the season……

It is almost Christmas. Tree is up and decorated. Train is around the tree. But this year the gifts are not going to be as plentiful as they have been in the past. I am having difficulty in my emotions over this fact. I am having to evaluate this part of me. I fully understand the reason we celebrate Christmas. It is not just another holiday, it is a true time of celebration. I guess what I am having to deal with is how did I allow “commercialism” into my heart? Gifts are nice, but I can give them anytime really. We have enough birthdays and anniversaries in our family through out the year to let them know how much they are loved and appreciated. And if I choose to do something outside of that, it’s just an added joy. So with 7 grandchildren, 9 children and 1 husband why is it so important that they find a gift under the tree from me. (is what others think of me more important than truth?) I will continue to explore my emotions and deal with the tears as they come because they will out of either frustration or disappointment. But I know that once I have identified the real issue, I can hand it over to the One I lean on daily to bring healing and wholeness to my soul. Presents are great, but Jesus is greater. Merry Christmas!


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