Leave a CommentEditBirthdayWell, I have a birthday coming up in four days. As I reflect on my birthday, I realize that it becomes what I choose it to become. I am thinking about birthdays past and how others have celebrated the milestone ones with me. I remember when I turned 18. My friends threw me a great party. I was slow dancing with a guy when all of a sudden I was on the floor face down and being “spanked” 18 times by each person and then the “one to grow on” came. Of course, as time has gone on, the “spankings” stopped. I remember one birthday where I got a styrofoam cake. My family, especially my husband enjoyed that, but pay back was fun! I don’t remember the gifts so much, don’t even know if I have any of them, except what family gave. I have kept cards that were meaning full to me. What I do remember is the love that I have felt over the years by the people we established relationships with. This year will not be much different. Oh, I am not so sure they will have all the candles that this birthday is unless they do the number candles. I am not so big on gifts as I once was. Not much storage space, but as time has gone on, the storage space in my heart has grown and gotten bigger. So, I would like to thank everyone in advance for their wishes, cards, thoughts and prayers.. You are special to me and I love each and everyone!

via Birthday.


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