How to move forward and not get stuck

I am at an interesting place in my life….well, our family’s life. We are moving forward with some dreams we have had for a long time now. We believe this is the time to do it. But in doing it, we may have to leave behind some very dear friends. I know change does not come easy to anyone. We have actually been praying over this for the last six months, so it’s not like it’s a snap decision. We just don’t operate that way. There are so many things to consider. Where is the next place of worship? Where is the next place to live? How do we fit extended family into this move? How will it affect relationships because it will. I am grateful for friends who have encouraged us along this path. Still…to leave those behind who have poured into you for several years….the “family” like relationships. It’s never an easy thing. We have had to do it several other times in our lives and it wasn’t easy then. Just because we have gotten older doesn’t make it any easier. In fact it seems to get harder. But life is about moving forward. It is about making our dreams become a reality. It also means that sometimes you have to go alone. That can be the hardest part of all. It is about taking a risk, a chance to become all that you were destined to become. I appreciate the past experiences that have gotten us where we are today. We can lean to a point on them, but not to much because it’s where they are ~ in the past. So, looking forward and what awaits us……We step expectantly into the future……


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