Day 3

Storms have been plentiful in the last few months in our lives. Survival is where I have been as has my husband and daughter. We weathered my mom’s stroke and her recovery. We are grieving the loss of my husband’s father and mother. His brother is not doing well, and during this time, we have tried though unsuccessfully to take care of ourselves. Continue reading


Lesson from an accident

Coming to terms with aging is not an easy thing. Recently, I was rear-ended on the interstate. There was a lot of congestion and we all had to stop suddenly. We know how the scenario goes, I braked hard not to hit the car in front, hoping and praying I would not be hit, when bang! We both pull off so that others can get around. I call 911. The other driver comes over with his insurance information. Rescue comes and I am taken to the hospital because my back is beginning to hurt. Different aches begin to be noticed as we are proceeding to the ER. I go through the process at the hospital. I come home and fall asleep. Sleep is good.

Over the next few days, I have found different things hurting for a moment or so. My thinking is, really! I know I am on the downside of my 50’s, but this body of mine needs to recover more quickly, like when I was 20!

Let me interject here: I am grateful for everyone who has been praying for me! I do believe in the power of prayer! It is my go-to default whenever anything happens! God is just so good! I just want my body to respond quicker…is it too much to ask?

The answer is yes, it is. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in miracles! I believe God gives me the opportunity to partner with His word to work in my life. I also know that I have a responsibility to take care of this temple He has blessed me with. In the natural, I have to make adjustments. I need to pay closer attention to what it is telling me.

What this means is, I will for the next few days continue to take care of my body. I will not try to push it to do things I just can’t-do at the moment. I will take the slower path of rest. Then hopefully by next week, I will be up to doing some of the more fast-paced activities I am used to.

Thanks for listening…..


Musings along the journey

So many things have happened since I last wrote. Concerns for family, friends and country all vying for our attention. How is one to know what to focus on? It can be difficult to know what the proper priority is. For me, it starts with family, then friends (unless they are like family!) and then community and then nation. Over the years, I have had to look at how stretched I really want to be. I tend to be a go-to person.

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Change in plans… assignment

Plan B – a single mom’s decision to go alone. By Alexandra Soiseth

In her article, Alexandra chooses intrauterine insemination by an unknown donor from a Scandinavian Cryo bank. Her plan as a teenager did not work out for her. Her dream was to have a husband and children. When she turned 36, she realized life was passing her by.

I applaud her fulfilling her desire for having children.  Several things in her article stood out as I read it. Let me begin by saying, I am not a perfect parent. I didn’t do everything right. I was saddened to hear her parents use her weight when she was a teenager to place shame and guilt on her. Then to remark that because of this, it will be hard to get a man. We have placed stigmas on our children (and yes I include myself). That is a fallacy in our society. I have seen men who love having a full-figured woman by his side.

How many of us have people (relatives) in our lives who (for whatever reason) have remained single? Why do we make being single a “fate-worse-than-death scenario” as she put it? Why do we cause people to stumble in their emotions by the words we speak? I wonder if words of encouragement were spoken over her if her life would have been different?

Here are a few thoughts: She was not a failure. She may have had disappointed expectations, but she was living life as she wanted. One shouldn’t be compared to others. There is no indication whether or not her aunt was happy with what life handed her or didn’t hand her (husband and children). The author is a whole person, there is nothing lacking. Men (husbands) compliment us (women/wives) not complete us.

It seems she has found what she was looking for: someone to love her. The procedure did work. Her daughter was born.

It’s been a while


I know we have not been very communicative since I started school. I am being pressed on every side it seems. This is a good thing. I am not sure what season with the Lord you are in, but I believe I am in winter. The life has gone to the roots to prepare them for more growth in my life. Every once in a while, I see glimpses of what God is doing. Just like when the snow covers the ground, it is hard to know what is happening deep in the earth. Whatever happens we see it when spring comes. The earth seems to know just when to release the seeds that need to be birthed forth for our enjoyment. I am not discouraged nor am I encouraged. I am experiencing Him in a new way. A way I have not been before. The struggles are real, but here is what I know: 1. God is good 2. God is good no matter the circumstance. I hope this encourages you. The bed and breakfast is just about ready for YOU: those who need a place to get away. Let us know when you would like to make reservations. Blessings to you.

Goal Obtained

Finally! A goal reached! What you may ask? College. That’s right, college! I am 56 years old (December). I started my career in the Navy. College was a minimal thought as well as a different career path when I was younger. Now, looking at what is ahead of me, now is the right time. My father had a desire to see all of his children obtain something that he could not: college degree. Being a wife, mother and even grandmother is very fulfilling. Being in business for myself as well as helping others is also very fulfilling. So, why college? Because now is the right time. Now is the time I have to accomplish a goal that earlier seemed unobtainable. But I can tell you that it is not and you are not too old!

So whatever it is that you think has been delayed, think again, it just might not be time for you. But there is a time coming….wait for it. You will know when it is right.

(I chose this picture because it depicts how most of us feel when we have accomplished a life long goal.)IMG_6576.JPG